Friday, September 12, 2008


Last night over dinner we were discussing Millie's excitement over it being her turn to have the class Sharing Time Bag. She decided the item she wanted to share with her class was her Bee Diary, a notebook with bees on the cover. She ran and got it and then proceeded to show us page after page of her drawings and writing. We had to guess what each drawing was.

She showed us one in particular that, to me, looked like a striped soap dispenser. To be generous I guessed it was a zebra (nope) and then a penguin (again no). Finally we convinced her she should tell us what it was because really, the guessing could go on forever. I mean, one of the previous drawings was a rain dance, so you see how obscure it could be. Somewhat exasperatedly she proclaimed, "It's a candy cane duck! It has mint and meat!"


sarah said...

am officially dying of the awesomeness over here. dying! I am dead!


Roxanne said...

that is hilarious- I LOVE what kids come up with- thanks for sharing :) I read this via Sarah's blog as it came highly recommended!!

Sheree, J, + j said...

On Sarah's advice, I have come to observe the awesomeness, and added a link to direct my 15 readers your way.