Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A 6-year-old smile

Last Night

Before the girls go to sleep I usually sing them a lullaby. They take turns picking the song. Currently there are 3 in rotation: Sleep My Child, Hush Little Baby and Favorite Things. Last night was Laney's turn to pick. Keep in mind we're still working on potty training. Here are her requests:
Me: What song should we sing?
Laney: (smirking) Hush Little Toots?
Me and Millie: (Simultaneously) Noooooo!
Laney: giggle
Millie: Laney! No toots, farts, poops or pees! Okay?
Laney: ....(mulling this over for a minute) Toot Little Baby?
Me and Millie: (sigh) No.
Laney: Oooootay.
(wicked little smile) Favorite Toots?

Even though it's potty humor it's still pretty funny. Don't you think?