Wednesday, May 5, 2010


7 is an awesome age. I ask Millie to do something and she does it! Happily even. I think I can officially say she is a bookworm. We were at Costco the other day and she was practically swooning over a chapter book that's probably too advanced for her right now, but how could I not buy it for her when a) it's book and she wants it b) she wants it bad c) hello? it's a book!

Jason has been reading the Harry Potter books to her nightly. They are on the last book of the series, which also happens to be the darkest, most grown-up book. I think this is one of those cases of know your own child because there are definitely 7 year olds out there who would be scared of some of the stuff that happens in the book. But Millie is not one of them. She can't wait for the next chapter. And the next and the next.

When there is a word or plot development she doesn't fully understand she is quick to ask about it. Jason is patient; he always stops to explain and doesn't move on until she grasps it. There are a ton of characters in the HP books and she knows them all by name. She remembers the charms and magical creature's names and everyone's peculiarities. I love it!

7 is an awesome age.

3 going on 65

Recently Laney has taken to talking like a 65 year old grandma. No one knows why, but here are some examples:

Laney: Mama? Do you miss my daddy?
Me: Yes. Do you?
Laney: Yes, because he is so adorable.
Me: [laughing] He is pretty adorable, isn't he?
Laney: Yes, he is and I want to squeeeeeeeze him.

Sugar booger. She calls people sugar booger.
As in, "Bye sugar booger daddy."
"Goodnight, sugar booger mommy."
"Oh, you are such a sugar booger."