Monday, July 20, 2009

Laney is 3

New B!


Dear Laney,

You are 3 years old! Good job, little one. You almost always have skinned knees and elbows--a testament to the way you throw yourself into everything you do. You are as brave as can be. Sure, you might cry for a minute over an owie, but then you shake it off, slap a Bandaid on it and go on with your day. You're pretty tough! Sometimes I need to remind myself that even though you are so tough you are still a sensitive little soul.

You have some very particular likes: Bs (blankets) and candles. In fact, that was all you wanted for your birthday and you meant it! Last week your daddy, Millie and I took you to Toys R Us to pick out some birthday gifts. We were hoping you might choose a bicycle. On our way to the bikes we walked by the baby stuff and you zeroed in on a B with monkeys on it and you HAD TO HAVE IT. We let Millie get it for you for your birthday and then we asked you to look at some bikes too. You didn't give a hoot about the bikes. Sure, you sat on one to make us happy, but then you wanted to get off and snuggle with that B. We felt defeated.

We decided to let you walk around the store and look at some other stuff. After all, we were in a giant toy store. There was bound to be something else in there that might catch your eye. You wandered the aisles, new B in hand, looking for fuzzy things. You would rub the fuzzy thing between your fingers and then announce, "That's not a B!" as if the joke was on us. So we gave up and bought you that B, some games and a couple books and called it good.

Your sister noticed I was a little annoyed at the whole situation and she, in her 6 year old brilliance, reminded me, "Mom! It's OK! Some people like princesses, like me, and some people like Bs, like Laney! Both are good." You know what? Millie is right. You have 10 Bs now and that's just fine. Can you maybe work on not needing them all at once, though?

I love you, Laney.


Krazy Kar!

These Girls

I know this won't always be the case but right now these girls are the best of friends. It nearly kills Laney when Millie goes on a play date and she's not invited. She'll ask, "Where's Miwie?" and look for her around the house until I remind her she's not home. Then she pouts and asks when she'll be back.

Millie is mostly very tender with Laney; with some teasing and harassment thrown in for good measure. Those of you who know Laney, know she does her fair share of harassing and maybe even starts it most of the time. But she's tender too. She's quick to comfort Millie when she's hurt and she's good at soothing boo boos. I know this won't always be the way it is but I can hope.

Photo recap aka the easy blog update

Sometime in June a friend my sis, Janelle, and I have know FOREVER was in town with her kids. Janelle knows important people in Heber City and she was able to score us some free Heber Creeper tickets. Thank you Janelle! Above the kids (cousins, friends) are riding or waiting for the Heber Creeper in various poses of not looking at the camera. And there's a little princess photo thrown in just to see if you are paying attention. FYI, always choose the short ride on the Heber Creeper. Trust me on this one.