Thursday, August 14, 2008

When You're Angry and You Know It

When Laney naps Millie has quiet time. Quiet time = working on an art project while watching a movie. One day last week her movie was over and she asked me for another one. I told her no because she'd had enough TV for one day and she should try to entertain herself in another way. The above picture is what she came up with.

I was folding clothes when all of a sudden I heard a crinkle, crinkle. I looked up and Millie was standing around the corner, just out of sight, waving her angry masterpiece at me. I had to hold back a laugh because, well, it was funny. The good thing is after a minute of waving the picture she started giggling and then we both got to laugh about it together.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Car Conversation

Picture this: Me, Millie & Laney driving along the 215 on our merry way to playgroup, when suddenly the grey BMW sedan in front of us starts weaving and then braking and accelerating erratically. The following conversation ensues:

Me: (to the BMW) What are you doing!!???

BMW: No answer.

Millie: Mom, who are you talking to?

Me: The bad driver in front of us!

Millie: Why?

Me: Because she's text messaging when she should be driving. She's driving like a moron!

BMW: (weave. weave. weave. brake)

Millie: Oh. That reminds me of something.

Me: What does it remind you of?

Millie: Well, Spongebob? He's a really bad driver! He has *bad* boating skills.

(really, she said that)

Laney: Spunbob.

Me: (still watching the dumb text messaging girl weaving about, but from a safer distance. Glad to have a new topic of conversation so I can avoid yelling profanities at said BMW)
What makes Spongebob a bad driver?

Laney: (sees a crane) and yells WA-GOON! (for some reason she associates cranes with Lagoon amusement park)

Millie: (doesn't skip a beat) Sometimes? He drives with his foot while he reads the newspaper and drinks coffee. And that's Not. Doing. The Law!

Me: Your right! That's not doing the law.

Laney: I wike Doobie. (Doobie is how Laney says Oobie, the bare-hand puppet on Noggin.)

Millie: (annoyed) Laney! We are not talking about Oobie right now! We are talking about Spongebob!

Laney: Spunbob. Oooo-tay.