Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because they are cute


School is in full swing for both of the girls. Yesterday it was summer vacation and then I turned around for one second and suddenly we are already 3 weeks into the school year. That is how time seems to pass around here. So quickly that the last week of summer when Millie was sick with the barfing flu and ended up at Primary Children's Hospital is already a distant memory to me and to her. ("Mom? Do you remember when I was so brave and I got that needle in my arm so my blood could have a drink?" I remember. And Grandma Tammy hurried to our house in the morning so I could go to the hospital? And the next day Grandma Bullough came over? Yes and yes.)

That is not an illness I wish to repeat. Ever. But the one thing it did make me realize is how lucky we are to have family and friends who drop everything to help out. Tammy was at our house within an hour of my scared and tearful and exhausted phone call. My mom came over the next day for moral support and just in time for Laney to get sick (not as bad as Millie). William and Ann brought the girls a laptop (a laptop!) that is theirs to keep forever. You should see Millie play Majong Titans on that thing. Tim and Camille made us pizza when we were too tired to feed ourselves.

...Sometimes it really does take a village. And what a good village we have.