Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday Par-tay

Part one of Millie's birthday celebration is complete. Her birthday isn't until Wed., but we had a family celebration yesterday. I think it's safe to say her favorite gift is a Barbie scooter in the color, you guessed it, pink. She spent the morning rolling around the house singing, "I am scootering on my scooter!" over and over again. Her Mariposa barbie is also a big hit along with her pink glitter shoes.

Speaking of glitter, my house is full of it. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean the stuff has even made it into my undies drawer. How does it do that??

You may be asking yourself what does Laney think of all this birthday madness? Well, she's pretty certain she needs a scooter now too. She's only 19 months old but in her mind she's at least 5. Or maybe 21. Sometimes it's hard to tell. She's fearless! She spent yesterday evening chasing after Millie because she wanted a turn on the scooter. We propped her up on it and wheeled her around the house. She even tried to push herself a little with her pudgy little legs. The girl's got pretty good balance for someone who still lurches around headfirst when she walks.

The rock star award for yesterday's celebration has to go to my sis Janelle and her gang for attempting to make it to the party and getting stuck on I-80 for something like 3 hours because the canyon was closed. Imagine being stuck as in a car with 3 kids whose only wish is to have a slice of birthday cake and they know they are not going to get it because the damn canyon is closed. I salute you Hicken family!

Friday, February 22, 2008

First Time Blogger

Alright already! Sheesh! Most of you have given us a window into your lives via your blogs so now we are returning the favor. And by we I mean me, Jenny. We'll see how this goes. The template I chose is very pink and I apologize for that. I mean, I like pink and everything, but I don't know about that much pink. My nearly 5-year-old, however, LOVES pink because it is her favorite and her best. I dedicate this first post to her in all its pink glory. So deal with it, dear readers, (all 3 of you) for awhile anyway.