Thursday, August 19, 2010


So Laney ate a jellyfish while we were in Ocean City, NJ. You probably heard about it already so I won't elaborate. But, guys, A JELLYFISH. Ask her about it some time.

At the end of the Ocean City trip Laney met her uncle's brother and his brother's girlfriend. She decided to introduce herself to them and in a very Laney-like solemn way she stood in front of them and said, "Hi, I'm Laney. I'm 4 years old." And then she bowed deeply at the waist. That's how we do introductions here in SLC. All formal-like.

You know how Laney is always moving and talking and is generally loud? I just heard her approach Jason, who is listening to some music at a moderate volume, and say, between foot stomps and door slams, "Dad, can you quiet down please. I have a song to sing." 

Oh, that kid.

mmmm, broccoli