Saturday, July 10, 2010


Laney makes up words that aren't really words and toys that aren't really toys. This is especially troublesome because her birthday is fast approaching and she wants some things that don't exist anywhere except her mind. 

Thing One: A Rosalina doll. Rosalina, as in Super Mario Brothers, Rosalina. As in a video game character that has an action figure out there somewhere, but not a Barbie-size doll.  I realize this is not her fault. There is a doll version of just about every cartoon character imaginable.  She sees advertisements and just assumes that's the way it is for everything. Not so for Rosalina, though. I am tempted to buy some other doll and try to dress it in a Rosalina-like way to see if it will suffice. But I know she has a very specific image of what it should look like in her head and this deception will only result in tears. Probably mine. 

Thing Two: A Green Cabaline. I'm not sure I'm spelling this correctly because Cabaline is not really a word so how would I know how to spell it? Green Cabaline was  a name she used to name stuffed animals and dolls, but it has recently morphed into an actual thing that she wants. When I ask her to explain herself she gets very frustrated and says, "You know! A Green Cabaline! Oh right, now I understand.

Thing Three: Tentacle chips. We were grocery shopping and she got so mad because she wanted some of those tentacle chips. (?)  We walked up and down the aisles looking for them. Me, pointing to different bags saying, "Is this it?" Her, getting more and more frustrated with me saying, "NO! The tent-acle ones!" over and over.  Finally we stopped in front of the Pringles. Pringles = Tentacle chips. Now how did I not know that?

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Sarah Zoe said...

I love Laney Language.